Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tips for Living Wicca: Set Up a Shrine

A shrine and an altar are two different things. An altar is more of an elaborate set-up for formal ritual and extended workings, whereas a shrine is more of a simple place to go regularly to honor a deity, spirit, ancestor or whatever you hold as sacred.

Even if you have an altar, a small shrine can be a good addition to your home somewhere because the use of them is much more focused. It gives you a quiet, uncluttered place to go and attune with deity.

When I was a young Wiccan, I read Scott Cunnhingham’s book Wicca and took his advice—about 25 years later and I still start my day with a visit to my shrine, a short prayer, an offering and a brief meditation. This routine has not only brought me a great deal of peace, but I feel it’s been the most powerful way to form a relationship with my Gods, more than any elaborate ritual.

My Tip for You Today:

Set up a shrine. It doesn’t have to be elaborate—even if it’s just a candle, a cone incense burner and a bowl.
I go more into setting up shrines here:

Here’s my shrine:

Do you have a shrine? Tell me about yours!