Monday, August 24, 2015

Still On Hiatus but All is Good

Well, for those who have Emailed me or left me messages on Facebook or G+, I'm very sorry I have not responded. I have not dropped off the face of the Earth. 

I'm still on a hiatus, though. Life's a busy as hell right now.

August is always bustling because we homeschool our kids, and we start in August. So with all the planning and settling into their studies and all, it's always a bit more hectic this time of year.

I'm really absorbed in the E-book I'm writing. I'm finishing it up and trying to polish it, and I plan to put out in October. More on that.

I'm working on a website so people can find all my writings that are spread far and wide throughout the internet in one place.

And on top of that, I am still writing for my regular clients to earn a living.

So as anyone can imagine, things have been a bit crazy. 

I just wanted to check in for those interested in the Wiccan Way Grove-- don't worry. My current internet hiatus will not interfere with it at all. I'm reviewing applications little by little, and as promised, those who are accepted will be notified in early October. Grove is set to start on time as planned.

As for me, I will probably be back to blogging, Tumblering, Facebooking, Hubbing and checking my emails next month. For now, I don't want anything to distract me from my book. So I'll talk to you then.