Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Don't Rush Your Rituals

I recently went to a Pagan Samhain retreat, and we sat down for a good, long ritual that lasted a couple of hours at least-- I'm not even sure, I lost track of time. At one point we all sat around and chanted the same thing for over a half hour (again, not sure, could have been an hour). 

It was refreshing... a lot of rituals I go to these days feel super-rushed to fit into a specific time frame. Or people grow impatient. Fifteen minutes of chanting and they feel like they're ready to move on or they're wasting their lives... but the truth is, being all time-conscious and trying to rush through like that leaves you only scratching the surface. 

My Tip for You Today: Give yourself the luxury of time in ritual. Perform your invocations slowly. Stand and close your eyes and sense what is going on around you-- take a minute to make sure the energies of each element are present, the deities have entered the circle, that the circle is properly cast. Spend a moment giving your full effort to cleansing and consecrating. Spend more time in meditation or trance to really let your consciousness go to those places where magic happens. 

This is obviously not something you can do every day, but when you consider that there's only an average of 21 rituals per year (13 lunar cycles + 8 sabbats), out of 365 days, surely you can set aside time for at least some rituals to really let loose and not make time an issue. 

Do you put time pressures on yourself in ritual?

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  1. Hello Sage! I am so glad I found your blog I really enjoyed it. You are very lucky to have been able to attend the Samhain celebration! I hope to be able to go one day myself. I just started my year and a day a little over a month ago and I also just started my own blog at
    If you would like to check it out I would be grateful to meet some new friends who are Wiccan! Thank you for the lovely experience ~Ember