Monday, March 16, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Be More Like Arlie

I found this story very touching: Read here. 

Basically for those who want the nutshell version, a man with terminally ill received a lovely gift. Customers at the store where he works as a greeter chipped in to send he and his wife on a vacation. 

The thing about Arlie is that he's got something few people have: a really good attitude. I did more research on this guy and his story, and I have found that he's one of those rare individuals who truly treasures life. He's always smiling, always expressing gratitude and compassion and kindness. He has touched many people's lives just doing his job as a simple greeter and receipt checker.

And it's not because he has it so easy or anything-- not only does Arlie have cancer, but he's also long had MS. But according to Arlie, instead of griping about getting dealt a raw deal in life, he says he's got no right to take life for granted. It's such a rare attitude in this day and age. 

My Tip for You Today: Try to be more like Arlie, or people like him. Everyone can find happiness-- it's found within, it's found in your attitude. It doesn't come from stuff, it doesn't come from things going right, it doesn't come from a perfect or near-perfect life, and it doesn't come from others. It comes from within, in learning to have a good attitude. 

We get so wound up in our own pain, we don't think about others. We inflict our misery on others. Imagine if we stopped thinking about our own pain, and started thinking about spreading happiness to others? If there's anything to the law of attraction, imagine what we'd get back. 

Do you feel happiness is possible?

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