Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Think About Ethics Beyond Magic

Yesterday I was talking about intellectual property rights and ethics. It got me thinking, sometimes people think so much about magic and spellcasting, I think it takes a while for young or new Wiccans to realize that ethics are about your normal, mundane life as well. 

The Wiccan Rede, Karma, the Threefold Law-- there are all kinds of ethical codes people talk about when it comes to love spells, or revenge spells, etc. but how often do we think of ethics for other things?

My Advice for You Today: Take your ethics beyond magic... apply them to everything: cheating on your taxes, hurting your mother's feelings when you're angry, sneaking around behind your parents' back, illegal music downloads and a whole host of other sins that the majority of us have been guilty of aat one time or another. 

Don't believe in karma, you say? Fair enough-- but does it matter? Does doing something unethical only count when you fear getting caught, or are you concerned with being an ethical person in general? 

Not to lecture; I'm certainly no Wiccan saint. You might qualify, I don't know you. But it's just a good reminder that being in an ethical religion isn't limited to what kind of spells you do. 

Do you try to think about ethics beyond your magical workings?

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