Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Plan Your Ostara Sabbat

Tomorrow is Ostara, one of the eight sabbats on the Wiccan wheel of the year. If you need to know more about Ostara, please read this article:

Wiccan Holidays: What is Ostara?

Observing the Sabbats not only helps attune us to the cycles of nature, but also helps deepen our connection with and understanding of Wicca. This is what Wicca is about-- these rhythms of the Earth, of our life cycle, of the divine. 

My Advice for You Today: Celebrate Ostara tomorrow! Or at some point this weekend!

By all means, if you have tools and an altar, or are part of a group, go and enjoy a full-blown ritual! That is always an awesome way to celebration.

But some people aren't able to do that. Some people have to work, or live with others who are less than understanding. That's okay too! You don't need to hold formal ceremonial rites to celebrate the season!

Some simple ideas:

  • go for a nature walk
  • go have a picnic
  • do some Spring cleaning, then cleanse/bless your home or room
  • work in the garden
  • if you don't have a garden, plant some herb seeds in a pot on the windowsill
  • make something for lunch or dinner in the spirit of the season
  • sit outside at night and toast to the Gods and the season
  • meditate
  • perform some minor works of magic
  • do some divination
If you're looking for more Ostara ideas, you can check out some of my Hubs for more details on celebrating. Just go to my page:

Scroll down to Ostara and have a look at whatever catches your fancy. 

And if you like anything, please share the links on your social media so others who might be looking for inspiration can find them. 

My favorite equinox cookies

What are your plans for the Ostara Sabbat this weekend?  

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