Monday, February 9, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Fasting for the Soul

Imbolc just passed here in the Northern Hemisphere, and my celebration was very small and quiet. One thing I always like to do around this season is fast.

Fasting has been a tradition in many religions for ages. It's part of a process of purification, usually done to promote a state of mind conducive to meditation, prayers and visions. It's not an attempt to induce suffering, but rather an attempt to free oneself of excess.

In addition to this, for me-- as a Pagan-- it helps me understand what our Pagan ancestors went through this time of year. Food was scarce, and Spring must have felt an awfully long time off. I can only imagine how elated and grateful Pagan ancestors must have been to see the first stirrings of Spring. The best way to help us appreciate what we have is to go without it.  

My tip for you today: Go on a fast.

If you've never fasted before, I don't recommend going on an absolute fast without first checking with your doctor. Most people can safely go on a partial fast. 

For a partial fast, drink only water. Abstain from food for most of the day-- only eat what is absolutely necessary to your health, but keep your meals quite small, sporadic, and walk away still hungry. Keep your meals very simple and bland-- like unseasoned oatmeal or some kind of broth to sip.

Do NOT put your health in jeopardy for this-- the Gods don't require you to become sick or endanger your health. If fasting would pose a health risk, try giving something up for a longer period of time-- something you love on practically a daily basis, but that is not necessary to your health: chocolate? Coffee? Fast food? Pre-packaged meals?

Journal about your experience, and meditate on it.

What's your experience with fasting? Share!

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