Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Start a Book Journal

Did you ever read something and find some quote or brilliant little tidbit that you wanted to remember? And then months later you find yourself ripping through book, trying to remember it, wondering where you found it?

If you’re an avid reader, no doubt, you’ve done that… we all have.

Years ago, I got the idea of starting a book journal. Basically, whenever I read a book. I have a separate journal where I open a new page and write the title and author of the book. Anytime I read something I want to remember, follow up on, or find particularly profound, I mark it down, and mark down the page number. I might also mark down something in the book that doesn’t make sense, that is incorrect or that I disagree with.

Copying something down gives me further opportunity to ponder it, and to give my impressions about it. Then years later, I don’t have to necessarily re-read the book and strain to remember—I can just browse through my book journal.

This journal started out being a small pocket wire-bound notebook; now since most of what I read is on my kindle, I keep a digital file. It’s been very convenient, especially when studying, to help remember your sources and the important lessons learned..

My Tip for You Today is: Start a book journal of your own.

If you’re studying Wicca, you should at least have one related to your spiritual readings. You can even make it a section in your Book of Shadows—your impressions on whatever spiritual reading matter you pursue. 

You'll find it really helps with keeping track of what you're reading and learning.

Do you keep anything like a book journal? Tell us about it.


  1. Good idea! I do keep a small notebook of quotes I like, and of books, movies and documentaries people have recommended to me.
    With a journal such as you describe, I fear I'd be in the same sticky wicket with trying to remember--did I even write down what intrigued me? What was the name of the book? On what page of the journal? I'm afraid I'd be ripping through the journal just as madly, searching for that dear tidbit. ;-)

  2. Doing what works: that's what it all comes down to, Liz. ;-)