Friday, February 20, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Study the 'Boring' Stuff

I've written pretty extensively on the topic of Wicca, but usually I would send it out to be published in books, magazines or other people's websites. Since starting to write for Hubpages a couple of years ago, I am able to see how each individual article does. I can see how much traffic the title gets, as well as get a general idea of how long people spend on the article before moving on.

It's interesting, and probably telling, that some of my articles that do best are about spells, Wiccan names, elements, magical practices, tools, etc. Not only do they get the most hits, but people spend the most amount of time on them. 

Articles that get the least hits: ethics, philosophies, essays and generally anything of a more theological nature. These are often the articles I'm most proud of, but readers reactions seem to show that this kind of content isn't as worthy of their time. I get fewer views, fewer comments and fewer E-mails about them.

And it's not just me. Ask almost anyone who's been interested in Wicca for less than 5 years if they've read Silver RavenWolf (cringe) or any kind of  'spell' book; most, if not all, hands will go up. Ask the same crowd if they've read Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente or Ronald Hutton... crickets. If any hands do go up, most of them will be either initiates or neophytes in a coven. 

People are much more attracted to the 'fluff', the oversimplifications, the flashy stuff for putting on a show. They're so interested in the meat, they don't eat their veggies.

My Advice for You Today: Go read the 'boring' stuff. 

It may not seem as exciting as the steps for putting on a dramatic ritual or casting a spell, but it will usually give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of those practices. It's the 'boring' stuff that really digs and get into the depths of understanding Wicca.

Do you  want to be in 'Wicca 101' forever? If not, then you need to read the 'boring' stuff.

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