Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May Give Away!

Update: and the winner is, 
Thanks for playing all!

Greetings, dear friends.

I have been busy at the cauldron this Beltane, and have brewed something special for a prize this month:

Hecate's Power Oil

This is a FULL OUNCE of oils infused with woods, herbs, crystals and other items sacred to Hecate, Goddess of Witchcraft. You get the oil in a cobalt vial with a convenient dropper cap, a key charm (symbol of Hecate), and a neat little piece of parchment telling you how you can use it-- roll it up and keep it handy, or affix it in your book of shadows to refer to it when you want to use your oil.

Here's How to Win!

- visit this page to review official rules

- read one of my articles on Hub Pages leave a comment with your email address (your email address is your entry)

That's it! Earn as many entries as you like:

- You earn one entry per comment per article, as long as you include your email address.

- Earn additional entries: if a friend enters and adds "(your email) sent me!"  to their comment, both you and your friend will earn an entry each.

At the end of the month, all entries will be put into a randomizer and one winner will be chosen. 

Winner will be announced right here on or about June 1, and contacted by email.

I thank you for entering, and I wish you luck!

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