Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Celebrate Life! (part 8 of '13 Goals of a Witch)

Continuing with this series of Scott Cunningham's '13 Goals of a Witch':

VIII: Celebrate Life!

Allegedly, one of the big mysteries of the Universe is, "What is the purpose of life?"

I myself do not believe that it's that big a mystery. I think I have found the key and unlocked this great secret. Come closer, and I will share with you the answer...


closer... that's right.

The purpose of life, dear friend, is to live.

Can it be that simple? I think so. Life is an endless parade of experiences: the highs and lows, the ups and downs. The joys and pains, the beauty and the ugliness. In every moment there is a blissfully profound experience, a lesson to be learned. 

My Tip for You Today: start celebrating. 

Life is precious. And it's amazing. No matter how bad things seem to get, in the bigger picture, it's mind-blowing. Overall, it's just a miracle to be part of this existence. 

When you first walk out the door in the morning, take a moment to marvel at the warmth of the sun on your face, or the chill in the air. Turn your eyes up to the beauty of the sky, and inhale the scent of the the new-mown lawn. 

Even in the darkest times, there is some beauty in experience. I remember mourning my father's death, holding on so dearly to the last moments I spent with him, the last precious words we said to each other, the memories of him in my life. 

We have to go back here to the concept of creating your own reality with your own thoughts-- the world is an amazing place. Life is an amazing experience. If you don't see that, then you're looking at it wrong. 

Do you take time to celebrate life 

every day?

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