Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pausing for Breath...

It has been an extremely eventful few days for my family.

Last week we took off for a road trip. My husband couldn't go due to work, but me, my teens & adult daughter took off for a Pagan festival in another state about 12 hours away. 

We saw mountains-- scenery that I hadn't seen for years, and that my boys are too young to ever remember seeing. We had long, involved discussions driving into the wee hours of the night through dark and unfamiliar roads. We arrived at the camp out, pitched our tents and reveled in the rustic setting and our Pagan community-- were having a blast.

But it didn't last long. My youngest had an accident. We took him to a local hospital, where an X-ray confirmed he'd broken his leg in several places. We had to be rushed to a hospital in a bigger city an hour away and before dawn cracked he was rushed into surgery. 

Spending the weekend in the hospital, after the surgery, as my baby boy who is bigger than me slept soundly, I did a lot of thinking. I jotted down a lot of ideas and thoughts. I have a lot of topics I want to write about in the near future, both here and on my Hubpages.  

We finally got him home and the first couple of days were very hectic getting in touch with his doctor and setting him up at my mothers house. We both plan to stay here throughout his recovery because he won't be able to climb into his loft bed at home; we thought he'd be more comfortable here. 

The dust finally settled. Last night I caught up on some much missed sleep. I slept for about 12 hours, lol. I'm oddly refreshed, and despite the accident it's been a great experience overall.

I don't have a tip for you today, but a request: please pray for Quintin and a speedy recovery.  

I will resume my regular posting (and the Scott Cunningham "13 Goals of a Witch" series tomorrow). 

For now, I wish you bright blessings.

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