Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Get your Great Rite On

The Great Rite is part of Wiccan ritual, and what many would consider one of (if not THE most) sacred. I find it absent or barely glossed over in many books aimed at solitaries. A lot of solitary rituals I've found online omit it. So really, how much of a focus it is in your life largely depends on which resources you've been exposed to.

In the Spirit of Beltane, it's a good time to start thinking about the Great Rite and it's place in Wiccan ritual. The Great Rite symbolizes the generative force in nature through which all things come into being. It is the energy of the union of opposites, from which is formed a new and greater whole. It is a very powerful act that should not be overlooked by Wiccans just because they don't have a coven. 

My Tip for You Today: Get your Great Rite on.

The way to do this as a solitary Wiccan is to symbolize the act. 

Do this by plunging a phallic symbol (usually an athame but can also be a wand or other tool) into a cup (or cauldron, or some other yonic symbol). Say some words acknowledging this act of power:

As the Athame unites with the Cup,
So the Lover unites with the Beloved,
And both become One in that Union-
Two halves, made whole again,
Strengthened in Love,
And part of each other forever...
As you insert the blade into the cup, feel the power, feel the energy, feel the synergy... bask in it and enjoy your ritual. 

Do you perform the Great Rite in ritual?

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