Friday, June 26, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Add Some Words of Wisdom to your Book of Shadows

There are words of wisdom all around... especially in the modern age of the internet. Many memes are funny, but you can also find some real gems to live by. 

I started saving quotes decades ago. I'd stick ones I really like to my wall on post-it notes. When I had covered the wall practically and post-it notes were beginning to fly everywhere, I started writing them in a book. But then I would put the book away and not look at it for a long time.

Eventually they made their way into my Book of Shadows. 

About once per month, I go through the section, aptly labeled, 'Words of Wisdom'. I read the quotes that really strike me. By doing this, I feel the wisdom kind of seeps into my life. It's a constant reminder. 

My Tip for You Today: Put some 'Words of Wisdom' in your Book of Shadows. 

Add a quote section, and add to it when you find something worthy of copying... and then use them; look at them. Make them into your mantras. Live by them.

(This is my actual BOS, btw, the page with some of my favorite quotes-- I say this because some people have asked me about my BOS and wanted to see it):

What are your favorite quotes?

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