Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Play With Circles

One of the most basic rites within a Wiccan ritual is Casting the Circle (also known by other terms like the Circle Rite, Conjuring the Circle, raising the Cone of Power and more, depending on the tradition). It's probably the one of the basics that Solitaries struggle with the most due to lacking hands-on guidance and books poorly covering it.

The Circle Rite sets the general tone for the ritual and helps create that sacred space for ritual observance and magic. It shouldn't be an afterthought; it's a learned skill, and an important one at that.

Don't wait to do rituals and just rush through the circle ceremony muttering words off a piece of paper. It's important to really learn how to shape that energy, 'program' it with what you want it to do and give it form.

If you're a complete novice to the concept, or feel like you've never quite grasped it, you might want to read:

My Tip for You Today: Practice your circle casting skills by playing with circles.

Whether you're completely new to circle casting, or just looking to get back to basics to strengthen your skills, there's no way to help yourself improve than with practice. Don't wait until a monthly ritual-- you can practice circle casting regularly until you get the hang of it better.

Go somewhere you won't be disturbed, such as your bedroom or even a park. It's good to have a little space to work with here, but you don't need any tools or supplies so don't worry about people seeing you. You'll just look like you're practicing some kind of Tai Chi or something.

Begin by spending some time sensing the energy in the area before you start. Progress to using different types of circle casting methods-- which I won't go into here, but there are tons of different ways (see the articles above, check out just about any Wicca 101 book, or google 'Wiccan circle'). 

Then try to sense the energy. How does it differ from the energy before you cast it? Can you sense a change in the air? Can you sense definite boundaries? Do you feel any weak spots? Is it getting warmer in there, or cooler? If you're outdoors, do you notice insects, animals, or people (particularly children) noticing you, even if you're just sitting there in the middle of it? Some will be drawn to you, while others will respect the boundary and stay outside of it. 

Then practice with different methods of drawing up the circle or letting it collapse. Again, experiment by exploring the energy of the area to see if it has changed again. 

By playing with circles you will begin to get a better grasp of what you need to do for ritual.

Are you confident with your circle casting skills?

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