Monday, June 15, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Write Your Spells

Before you can cast a spell, you have to understand how to write a spell. If you don't understand how to write a spell, you're probably not ready to cast spells.
A lot of people get Witchcraft study backwards. They think learning Witchcraft comes from buying spell books that offer a bazillion spells, or by looking up websites like 'spellz r us dot com'. Then you find a page that features something you want to do, and you act out the instructions. 

Basically this is the equivalent of waking up one day to decide you want to play a piano, going out to buy a book of songs, sitting at the instrument and banging away to what you think the sheet music is saying.

This is why so many people say "I tried Witchcraft, it didn't work". Witchcraft works; the person just tried to play a classical concerto before they learned how to do scales and read sheet music.

Casting spells requires understanding of what you're doing-- you have to study first, and know the hows, and whys, and whats behind magic. You have to understand things like how to word a spell correctly; why you never use negatives or focus on the concepts of 'wishes' and 'wanting'; how to get specific with your goal and time frame.  You have to train your mind so it's disciplined in altering states of consciousness at will, so you're able to maintain focus, visualize, speak 'emotional language', raise and direct energy. You need to understand the concept of creating channels, and how to prevent yourself from sabotaging your own magic after the spell is cast.

My Tip for You Today: Start writing your own spells. 

Casting spells requires a certain amount of knowledge and personalization. This requires both study of the principles behind it all, and experience-- which comes from experimentation and practice. 

That doesn't mean pre-written spells are worthless. On the contrary, it's great that we live in a day and age in which we can exchange spells. I love to write up and share spells that I've had success with in the past on my Hubpages. Likewise, I find spells from others that I try. I find them very inspirational and learn a lot from other people's style.

You can grab a spell someone else wrote and use it, but you still need to know how to write spells first so that 1) you can be sure the person writing it knew what they were doing and 2) you can tweak it to personalize it.

If you've been dependent on other people's spell books and websites exclusively and try to follow them like a script, then it's time to walk away from them. Start fostering a little more of your own creativity and self-reliance, and work on writing your own.    

I create this little chart as a guide for learning to cast spells (I used it for this article: Witchcraft For Beginners: The Five Essential Parts of Casting Spells; it's also a good guide for writing spells.

Do you write your own spells?

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