Friday, June 19, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Jump on Your Last Chance for the Summer Solstice

This week end is the Summer Solstice, and it's a powerful time!

When you look at the wheel of the year on a whole, you see that it's a big cycle. Yes, it's related to the agricultural cycle, but it's so much more than that-- because agriculture in ancient times involved people. Whether our Pagan ancestors actually celebrated any festival or not, they still generally upheld the Wheel of the Year.

That is, the Winter Solstice (mid-winter) was a time for regeneration and recharging your battery. As spring approached (February), you began looking for signs of when that period would end, and began making plans, and then by March planning really got underway, and some early things got started. By May, things were really in full swing-- you were working, you were sweating. 

By the time the middle of summer came around (when the sun was at the highest point was at the zenith of summer, not the beginning of summer as the modern calendar marks it), it was time for two things. One of those things I will discuss tomorrow, the other I will discuss today: last chance. 

By around the time of the Summer Solstice (and again, I'm not talking about sabbats and rituals, I'm talking about how our ancestors lived the cycles of their lives), it was your last chance to get things going-- at least for big projects and changes. 

Let's say you realized your crops that you planted in the early spring is not doing so great; it's your last chance to get things into the ground so that you can harvest before the frost. Let's say you decided you needed to build an addition to your home or you want to make a root cellar or something. Again, before the weather gets too cold to finish it, you want to get it started by now. 

My Tip for You Today: Grab that last chance-- magically, or mundanely. 

The Summer Solstices gives an amazing burst of energy, the elements are practically crackling with energy around you-- particularly Fire, the element of action. So this is a time to really take action. If you've been planning or wanting to just throw yourself into something-- no matter what it is (going back to school? Starting a new business? Getting your photos scrapbooked once and for all? Painting the bathroom?).

Now is the time to draw from that active energy to throw yourself into something, especially if you've had a passion for getting it done. 

If you are Wiccan, it pays to help align yourself to the seasonal energies, to attune with the natural cycles of the earth, with their ebb and flow. This is one of those times.  

Do you have things you're itching to get done?

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