Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Time for a little Re-CCC on Some Tools?

Here are a few rules of thumb I follow:
- the full moon is generally the best time of the month for charging tools.
- the Summer Solstice is generally the best time of the year for charging tools. 
- the full moon closest to the Summer Solstice is the best time, hands down, for charging tools. 

Well fellow Wiccans, that full moon nearest the Summer Solstice is tomorrow night. So be ready for it! 

Look around on your altar, or in that box (drawer, etc.) where you keep your ritual tools. Is there anything that's been gathering dust? Anything you haven't bothered to use for a few months?  Anything that maybe other people have fiddled with? 

It's okay... sometimes you don't need a tool for a while, it gets neglected. I went a Summer doing all my rituals outdoors one year to attune with the Summer energies here (I hated Summers so much when I first moved to this part of the country!). So I would haul some supplies with me to the beach or the nature preserve near here and hold my rituals-- all but my athame.

Carrying a knife here is illegal; it's considered a concealed weapon. Mine in particular would be hard to explain if I got stopped-- it's kinda big for an athame, admittedly... in fact, at about 14 inches long it practically qualifies for a short sword. But it had lions on the quillion-- how could I resist it? I'm a Leo!!! It practically roared at me to take it home! 

Anyway, after a few months, my athame felt oddly heavy and lacked it's usual zip. So I had to Cleanse, Consecrate and Charge it.

My Tip for You Today: If any of your tools aren't quite singing to you, you might want to re-cleanse, consecrate and charge them. 

If you don't know how to do the '3 C's', you can learn here: Wicca Basics and the 3 C’s: Cleansing, Consecrating and Charging.

Now don't do this to every tool for no reason-- when you use a tool for ritual repeatedly, and treat it right, it should be humming with the perfect ritual energy for you. I actually like to ground residual ritual energy into my athame as soon as I draw up the circle and bring the ritual to a close.  

If your tools are buzzing and alive with your ritual energy, you don't want to cleanse that; you're going to negate it and start from scratch. So you don't want to do this to all your tools for no reason. 

But if your ritual tools have picked up some unwanted energy, or seem to have lost their 'zap', re-CCCing the implement to start fresh and to impregnate it new energy can really give it a jump start.

Look at my pretty athame-- do you see why I couldn't resist it? LOL.

Are you planning to cleanse, consecrate or charge anything at your esbat tomorrow night?

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