Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Don't Fear Power

I've seen these posts on interfaith message boards that say stuff like this;

"Wiccans just want power to control things, they don't want to submit to God."

Seems to be a common concept being passed around in other religions (I won't mention which because it doesn't matter).

First, a correction-- we don't need to submit to our Gods. Our Gods don't ask for submission. They ask to be respected and honored, as is Their right. In return (as with any relationships of mutual respect) They offer us the benefit of their wisdom, guidance, strength, courage, comfort, etc.-- whatever we might need to draw from them.

Okay, now on to this power thing... do I want power? You're damn right I do.

Anyone with a brain wants power-- power over the self. Power over whatever is your own responsibility to control your own life. Knowledge is power. Self-control is power.

The problem with these silly comments that power means some kind of supernatural wingy-dingy crap to make the wind blow or change your eye color or force other people to be your puppets. Yeah, that's not it at all. They are so far off the mark that it makes me sad for them. Apparently they don't understand what self-empowerment is, or why it's so good, if they fear power, and suspect people who want power of something sinister.

My Tip for You Today: Do not fear power.

Like all things in life, power needs to be in a healthy balance. Don't use power to hurt others, to be selfish, to take what's not rightfully yours. No one should abuse power, but then no one should waste it either.

Empower yourself as long as it improves you (by improving, I don't mean bringing wealth, beauty or fame-- though there is nothing wrong with those things when they're earned honestly; I mean improving yourself-- becoming the best self you can be. Becoming a self-reliant, self-respecting, decent, honest human being who continues to strive to grow and improve).

Power is not unnatural. Power is not evil. Power is not selfish and it's certainly not wrong. Don't be afraid of empowerment-- you will not regret it.

Do you fear power?

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