Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Study Smarter

I've noticed a disturbing trend among many new Solitary Wiccans... they don't like to study. Not ALL of course, but there are a number who would prefer just to watch youtube videos (which are often taught by the inexperienced and the untrained), or ask questions on message boards.

These people are looking for shortcuts. They're looking for instant spirituality. They want quick answers that won't take up much of their time. They want to be told the 'real' story. 

They are overlooking the fact that spirituality is a complex issue, and Wicca is a complex religion. They overlook that the short answers are rarely meant to be more than an introduction to a topic, and that there's still much more to explore. They don't realize that there aren't always easy answers to tough questions. 

They are missing out on a lot-- don't be one of these people. 

My Tip for You Today: Study Wicca, study it smart. Don't jump into practice before you know what you're doing. Don't rush to the New Age shop and buy a bag full of tools, crystals and herbs. Don't be satisfied with quick little blurbs.

Study smart... read books. Read lots of them. Read the good ones many times. Stop periodically to ponder what you're reading. Make notes in the margins. Compare. When a claim is made, dig deeper to find the source and look for the arguments. 

Have fun with your religion, but take it seriously. 

How Much Time do You Set Aside to Study?

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