Friday, April 17, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: List Your Values

Values-- that which is valuable to you. The word indicates our highest priorities in life. 

For example, if someone values their kids more than they value their time spent on Youtube watching funny cat videos, they're going to turn off the funny cat videos to make dinner for their babies, tuck them in and read them bedtime stories. If you value instant gratification more than you value your health, you're going to abandon the diet and scarf down those Big Macs. 

How much do you think you value your religion and spiritual growth? Is it one of your biggest values, or is it not so much? Think carefully about this; you may say it's a value with words-- but your actions might show that you don't place much value on it at all.

How many times do you hear things like this, or say things like this:
- I always mean to do a ritual but I never get time...
- I try to meditate but I get busy or I forget...
- I am really drawn to Wicca but every time I get started studying things get crazy and I don't get a chance to finish...
- I really want to start practicing more seriously and get (books, tools, incense, candles, etc.)  but I can't afford them, why do they have to be so expensive...

Okay. Crap happens. We all get that. Even when religion is a value, it shouldn't be an obsession. You shouldn't get fired because you keep calling in sick so you can do longer meditations. You don't let grandma die of cardiac arrest because you're in the middle of a sabbat celebration. Sometimes other values have to be put first. But then ask yourself this:

- how much time per day do you spend on social media, beyond keeping up with necessary communications?
- how much time per day do you spend on video games, or messing around with little electronic games?
- how much time per day do you spend mindlessly surfing the web?
- how much time per day do you spend laying around watching TV or movies?
- how much time per day do you spend wasting time on completely insignificant things (like I once spent about 30 minutes fascinating by popping bubble wrap when I had other things to do)
- how much time per day do you spend wasting due to poor time organization (like having to run out to the store 3 times because you failed to check what you needed and make a list before the first run)?

Are you  noticing a little discrepancy in the amount of time you say you don't have to spend on religion, and the amount of time you spend on other unnecessary things? 

If so, then you are not prioritizing your values very well. So think about it: do you just say it's a value, or do you actually treat it like a value?

Now maybe... just maybe... you are one of those rare individuals who has all his time organized, you have a day packed full of productive activities, you have a lot of responsibilities and really can't find any time for spiritual pursuits. Maybe.

Of course, people who are really busy (as opposed to people who appear by wasting a lot of time) know how to prioritize their time and values... so they don't usually have problems getting the important stuff done. 

"If you have something that needs to get done, give it to a busy person."  That saying is 100% true.

My Tip for You Today: Make a list of all your values in life right now. Just think about what's important to you at all and jot it down.

This list might include family, close friends, marriage/romantic relationships, educational pursuits, goals, hobbies, chores, health, rest, etc.-- and of course, include your religion and spirituality.

Now prioritize that list, with the most important things at the top. The higher you get up on the list, the more you value something. This means if push came to shove with one thing, you'd be willing to drop anything below it on the list. After all, when it comes to the value of items, isn't that the point? You'd drop a $1 bill if it meant in order to get a more valuable $100 bill, right? 

Where does your religion and spirituality fall on the list?

Think for a second: have your actions, the way your organize your time, etc., reflected that? If not, then maybe it's time it should begin. 

All of a sudden, you may realize-- there is time. You just need to utilize it better.

 Do you ever misplace your values when organizing (or failing to organize) your time?

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