Monday, April 6, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Lean on Your Faith in Hard Times

Well, it's been an eventful couple of days for me. The other day I wrote about going to my mother's for her Easter dinner. Well, things didn't work out as planned-- she ended up in the hospital. She was unresponsive, confused, dazed, barely able to talk or understand, and couldn't keep her eyes open. 

Seeing how she's 86 years old on top of this, then yeah-- it was very disturbing. I had to call 911 and spent the night sitting by her bedside in the ER. She was admitted. 

I tell you, there were times I could have lost it in the hospital. A young me 20 some-odd years ago would have lost it. It was 6 hours before a doctor even came to talk to me about what could be going on. Nurses and other technicians coming in and out to help her were, I felt, not listening to me. They assumed that because she was 86 she was feeble minded in general (she's not-- she gets up, reads her paper, does her crosswords, shops, does laundry, has a meticulously clean house, dresses impeccably, cooks and bakes for the grandkids when they visit, etc.). They assumed that because she had taken pain meds for her sciatic nerve that morning that she was a chronic pain killer abuser (in fact, she hates them and rarely takes them unless absolutely necessary; she only got the prescription 2 days ago). 

Needless to say it was a mess, and it would have been easy to have a total meltdown at some point. Instead, I just drew from my faith. I prayed for my Gods to comfort me and strengthen me. I meditated on the natural cycles of life and death. I offered her positive healing energies to absorb. It really got me through one terrible night. 

Just for the record, she's looking pretty good tonight. She was awake and more alert, but still kind of out of it and tired. No stroke, heart problems, seizures, blood & urine came back clean, etc.-- looks like she did something with her meds (either took too much or mixed them up or they're looking into a drug interaction or allergy issue). 

My Tip for You Today: Lean on your faith. I realize a lot of people out there are going through hard times, be it due to health issues, relationship problems, family problems, job problems, tragic events, etc. Even if you cultivate a positive attitude and have learned to embrace a happy outlook in life, etc., there are always going to be times when life gets you kind of down. 

Don't look to your religion as an easy fix to hard problems. I don't personally agree with the philosophy of all bad things being a punishment of some sort, or that a God will bestow favors upon us by fixing everything if we pray 'hard' enough. Rather, look at your faith as a rock to lean on when things get tough and you are having a hard time holding yourself up. 

Remember in Wicca that our Gods are there to draw from that which we need-- comfort, strength, patience, guidance, etc.; remember that the cycles of nature will always have their ups and downs, and though not equally pleasant they are equally important parts of life. We learn and grow from hardship, and it teaches us how to cope and how to be all the more appreciative of what is good and easy in life (and there is so much that is good and easy, don't take it for granted!). 

Do you remember your faith in times of need?

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