Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Join an Easter Celebration

I personally sit on the bench with those who see Wicca as an intact religion in it's own right. It doesn't make sense to me to combine Wicca with other religions. I think for most people, when they become Wiccan, their former religions are left behind (usually something they were shedding before even becoming Wiccan). For most of us, that would be Christianity-- it's just odds, since most people in Western society come from a Christian family. 

Sometimes new Wiccans worry about their new beliefs being at odds with their old beliefs. When you're raised to believe that other religions must be considered 'wrong' or 'evil', and must be avoided lest you suffer divine retribution, those kinds of concerns can stick with you. 

Some new Wiccans are torn-- should I go to the family dinner or Easter egg hunt like I used to every year? Should I go to church with them as usual? Will my family be let down if I don't go? Will my Gods be angry with me if I do go? 

These seem like valid concerns, until you remember that Wicca is an entirely different paradigm. While you ponder that, I'll be at my Italian Catholic mother's house enjoying her homemade lasagna & Easter pie while I try to keep my kids from eating too many Peeps.  

My Tip for You Today: Go celebrate Easter if you want to. 

Look just because we become Wiccan doesn't mean we need to abandon our family traditions and shun our former religion. Our Gods are not jealous Gods in that way. They don't feel threatened because you happen to be around people worshiping a different God. They don't feel let down because you ate a leg of lamb dinner with your Christian grandma and bowed your head respectfully when she said Christian meal blessings. They're not going to be mad at you for witnessing other religious rituals and services. 

If you want to enjoy your family traditions, you shouldn't let Wicca hold you back from that. Heck, you can even consider it an extension of your own Ostara celebration (privately, of course-- I wouldn't go imposing this idea on your Christian family & friends, or former church). As you're asked to bow your head, say a private prayer thanking your Gods and Goddesses for this beautiful season of renewal and for the time you get to spend with your family. 

Enjoy. Have a happy Easter; even if it's not your spiritual cup of tea, there's nothing wrong with enjoying a celebration.

Are you keeping up your old Easter traditions with your family & friends (even if you no longer believe in the reason behind them)?

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