Friday, April 3, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Plan a Blood Moon Esbat

Tomorrow, on April 4th, there will be a 'Blood Moon'. This is when there is a total lunar eclipse of the full moon, giving it a dark reddish tint for a period of time in the sky.

You've probably heard a lot of hype and hyperbole about the Blood Moons over the last year, ever since some dude wrote a book about it being some kind of herald to doomsday. Well, don't worry about that-- that's bunk. Seriously. Do you know how many of these 'Blood Moon Tetrads' have happened since Biblical times? 62. Yep, that's right-- they're not uncommon. We survived 62 of them, we'll survive the 63rd. So let's forget that conspiracy theory armageddon nonsense... we're not Christians. 

As a Wiccan, the full moons are always time for an esbat and a good time for magic and spell casting. An eclipse-- when the Earth, moon and Sun are in direct line -- makes the night all the more powerful. This particular alignment open us to tap into higher spiritual levels. This is a particularly good time to do divination, meditations, for going within, contact spirit guides, or pathworking. 

My Tip for You Today: plan a Blood Moon esbat. 

Don't let this unique opportunity go by. Even if the actual eclipse is not visible to you, just being on Earth here allows you to draw energy from the sun and moon simultaneously in this unusual planetary alignment. The moon is also in Libra, which makes it a perfect time to find peace, harmony and balance in any situation. 

If you're not sure exactly what to do, let me offer you some resources. If you don't have a standard ritual format, you can use this one here:

Wicca Rituals: A Standard Ritual Opening and Closing for Begining Wiccans

This is a good time for divination. I plan to use my pendulum; if you don't have a pendulum it is a good time to buy or make one, consecrate it and use it:

Pendulum Witchcraft: How to Make and Use a Pendulum

I published this as a Mabon spell, but this full moon is actually a great timing for it:

Magic and Spells for Mabon: Wiccan Spell for Balance

Here is another great activity for tomorrow night:
Some great guided meditations on Youtube to try tomorrow night during or after your ritual:

Enjoy you Esbat!

Tell me about your Blood Moon Esbat plans!

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