Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Seek Knowledge

Before I get into today's topic, let's have a word from someone far wiser than I-- Mr. Feeny:

You have to admit, the man makes a point. I'm not saying this applies to everyone, but it happens. I know I encounter it over and over again with young Pagan seekers. 

"What should I do to become Wiccan/Pagan/practice Witchcraft?" they inquire. 

So I and others who've been doing this for a while respond, "read."

You get a little sigh, a furrowed brow. "Yeah, but what should I do?"

When you grow up in a push-button world (practically), you start getting accustomed to instant gratification. Something as long and tedious as a book -- let alone reading several on the same topic! -- sounds positively like Medieval torture to some people. We have access to streams of information 24/7 yet people spend more time playing games and looking at funny kitty videos than actually learning anything worthwhile.

Then they want to know from me, or some message board of strangers, or some youtube stranger: "What should I do?" 

They might as well be saying, "I want to be this religion, but it's not enough of a priority in my life to devote serious time to. So please give me the 'cliff notes' version so I can feel like I've accomplished something." 

My Advice for You Today: Seek knowledge... stop looking for the bullet point version. 

Roll up your sleeves, wade in and really submerse yourself in resources. Try it for a few weeks. Take notes. Make flash cards. Utilize the technology and the information you have available to you. Start treating them like the treasures beyond measure that they are.

Do you consider studying/learning a chore or an opportunity?

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