Friday, April 10, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Send Someone a Rainbow

If you've been reading my blog for the last week, you probably saw that my elderly mom gave us quite a fright when she was taken ill last Sunday. She's doing much better now, by the way-- she's home and still a little confused occasionally, and has difficulty walking, but for the most part is 90% back to herself. She's right on the sofa beside me as I'm staying by her house indefinitely.

Something I do for people when they are sick and depressed is to send them a rainbow. It's something that a teacher taught me decades ago, and I've been sending my mom a lot of rainbows this week. 

Here's how it works: I go into meditation, envision a rainbow, then envision it moving like a big ribbon to someone in need and I wrap it around them, as if putting them in a cocoon.

Each color of the spectrum has it's own unique energy. These energies can be absorbed by the body, through the chakras (which, incidentally, are each associated with a different color on the spectrum). 

This kind of little energy transfer may seem like a small gesture, but sometimes little things can mean a lot.

My Tip for You Today: Send someone you care about a rainbow. 

Almost everyone is in need of healing or help, be it physical, spiritual, mental, emotional or whatever. not only does this help the other person but it can strengthen your connection to them and in turn help you-- you get that lift that comes with doing a good deed for others. 

Do you need a rainbow?

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