Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Repent!!!

I know I've been teaching people how to be Wiccan for a long time now, here, on my Hubpages, as well as in real life. But I have an announcement to make: 

I was wrong!

You who have been reading my advice must listen to me now: forget it. I was misled. I have had a vision, and I have been touched. 

Never have I had such a moving and enlightening experience in my life. Everything is changed! My world has been turned on its head!  

The True Lord has come to me to show me the way. 

It has been revealed to me that Wicca is:
An evil cult
A sin
A false doctrine
A trick of Satan
A sure road to hell

My Tip for You Today:

Please disregard everything I have ever said, and repent!

Repent with all your heart and soul before it is too late!

You WILL be forgiven for your transgressions, if you are willing to embrace the TRUE LORD AND SAVIOR OF THE WORLD!!!

The only one who can really help you!!!

Please, pray RIGHT NOW, and accept....

The Flying Spaghetti Monster

There's no fool like an
April Fool!

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