Saturday, July 18, 2015

Daily Bomb #6: You Don't Actually Want to Banish Negative Energy, it's Good For You

The Daily Bomb was explained in detail in this first Daily Bomb post here. 

In a nutshell, there is a terrible epidemic of misinformation in Wicca... and it is important that Wiccans start correcting it (even if it means re-examining your previous ideas). 

Here's one of those fundamental basic mistakes that everyone makes, and I made this mistake for probably about 20 years banishing 'negative energy' before I really understood what that meant, and realized it was a mistake. 

#6 Negative energy is GOOD for you, don't banish it. 

Okay, I'm not a sciency kind of person by any means (I was an English major; 'nuff said)... so bear with me here. But this one can really change your life, and you can definitely do your research on this to figure out for yourself if you agree:

- Energy has 2 charges: positive (+) charges, and negative (-) charges. Like a battery, or a circuit, right? We know they are not good or bad-- they're just both necessary to keep energy flowing.

- Your body generates energy and picks it up throughout your day. Charges can get built up in your body as well-- both positive (+) and negative (-).

- Positive charges are actually bad for you. If you've ever heard anything about EMF sensitivity, free radicals (which accelerate aging and cause inflammation), etc. -- these come from the positive (+) charges.

- You get rid of the positive charges through grounding. This can be done spiritually (grounding yourself) or physically (what is popularly called 'earthing'). 

- What is it in grounding/earthing that helps get rid of all those positive charges? NEGATIVE charges. Yes, negative energy.

So when you banish negative energy, you are banishing the GOOD negative (-) energy charge, which prevents you from getting rid of the BAD positive (+) energy charge. 

Anyone who has worked with electricity enough to understand how your house wiring works, you know that you always want to be able to ground. 

Negative energy got a bad rap because of the word 'negative', which people sometimes use synonymously with 'bad'. But negative in the universe is merely the opposite of positive.

Think of the universe like a computer-- what you put in is what comes out. Manifestation takes the path of least resistance. So when you ask to banish negative energy in your room, or in your home, or in yourself, you are banishing the energy that allows you to ground.

When you aren't grounded, you are disconnected from nature. When you are disconnected from the nature, you are disconnected from yourself because you are part of nature. This can lead to all kinds of feeling lousy. 

So, to wrap it up, be more specific about what you're banishing:
- banish negative (bad) emotions and thoughts
- banish negative (bad) circumstances and situations
- banish negative (bad) entities and people
- banish negativity from your life (anything holding you back, useless, harmful, baneful, etc.)

But don't banish negative (good) energy. You need it.

People pay a fortune for earthing mats to have access to negative energy... you don't need expensive equipment, you just need to connect to the Earth, both spiritually and physically. That's a major part of what our religion is about. When you are able to do that, don't ruin it by going on to banish it all away in a spell; you just end up putting yourself in a vicious cycle. 

So I'm going to take tomorrow off from writing, and I'm going to resume with your regularly scheduled Tips for Living Wicca on Monday. I have more daily bombs to drop, but lets take a break from it for a while, or it just starts to be too much negativity (which, is a bad thing-- so I shall get rid of it by going to the beach and reveling in some much needed negative energy). 

My Tip for You Today:  Spread the word. 


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