Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Learn to Really Control the Elements

I see a lot of Youtube videos where people claim they can control the elements-- they can make a candle flame bob up and down, or spin a piece of paper or make water move funny.

Well... sorry to sound like such a skeptic, but in this day and age it's just too easy to fake things with very simple methods at home.

The problem here is that a lot of young, impressionable Wiccans, or even long-time Wiccans who have not had very good training, believe that this has something to do with our religion.

No, it doesn't actually-- it's just a parlor trick. 

Really controlling the Elements is not playing around with little bits of earth, air, fire & water like you're the Last Airbender or a minion of Captain Planet.

The Elements are not just bits of dirt, H20, flames and breezes. The Elements are inherent in everything. 

Fire is not just a campfire or a burning candle (those are just pure representatives of that element). Fire is also your passion, your courage, your will. It's lava and hot frying pans. It's throwing a temper tantrum, and throwing every bit of yourself into winning a marathon. It making love, it's heartburn, it's getting lost when you paint a picture. Fire is the sound of brass instruments blaring, the cinnamon spice in your cocoa and the warmth of an electric blanket. Fire is dying of a high fever or getting a sunburn. 

Likewise, Water is more than just what fills your cup-- it's the moon, it's depression, it's compassion, it's the blood in your veins and the saliva you drool when you sleep. 

The Element of Earth is not just the ground beneath your feet, but your stubbornness, and your nurturing side. It's hard work and physical labor. It's most land mammals and ground-dwelling insects. It's the food you put in your body, and the crap that comes out the other end.

And Air-- not just wind that musses your hair. It's your thought processes, it's stimulating conversation, it's flutes and perfume and talking on cell phones, it's witty comebacks and cruel insults. 

I can go on but you get the point... there's more to the Elements than just their physical compound.

Now that you  know that, you know the secret to really 'controlling the Elements' in Wicca.   

My Tip for You Today: Control the Elements by taking control of their influence on you.

Control Water: try to be caring, try not to be overly-sensitive. Learn to develop and listen to your intuition. Keep your feelings in check.

Control Fire: express yourself creatively and follow your passions, but try to control your temper and impulses reasonably. 

Control Earth: set goals, work hard and be productive. Don't let yourself get stuck in a rut, and try not to be too stubborn, however, or you become stagnant.

Control Air: use your noggin, that's what it's there for. Think about your actions, think about your words and how you use them. Be open-minded, but try not to be gullible. 

Now, you are a powerful Wiccan. 

Can you control the Elements?