Friday, July 3, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Take a Second Chance at a Midsummer Celebration

Are you an American? If so, you probably will have more barbecues, beach parties and patriotic festivals around this weekend than you can shake your wand at.

If you're not American, you might not be aware that tomorrow is the 4th of July, our Independence Day, a national holiday that almost always spills into a weekend, no matter what day the 4th actually falls on.

Some things you will find going on include a mass exodus to parks, beaches, etc. for people to eat hot dogs and watermelon, with the evening capped off by fireworks.

So how did our Independence Day turn into just a monumental celebration of summer? Hmmmm... I wonder what influences might have been at work here....

You guessed it-- the Summer Solstice.

My Tip for You Today: Get into the spirit.

Even if blatant patriotism isn't your thing (certainly nothing wrong with that, but I'm not trying to get political here), the celebration can be something of an extension of your Litha holiday, or a second chance if you were too busy the first time around.

I mean, what could be more in line with a fire festival than spending the day under the hot sun eating cold treats and spending the night watching fireworks explode?

What are you celebrating this weekend?

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