Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca; Relax; it's Good For You

Ever feel, like, totally relaxed? I feel that way... like I'm melting, like butter tonight, lol. 

I finished up my work today and submitted my invoices. I had the night free-- hubby is working, my youngest is at grandmas, my teen is with his friend. 

So I admit, I'm a bit of a neat freak. Every day this week I spent a little extra time cleaning to really get the house fresh & ship-shape; like beyond the normal chores, I organized some drawers, decluttered a few closets, moved out the furniture to dust behind it, cleaned the blinds... my husband and teen son had the chore of really scrubbing the bathroom tiles, tub, floor, mirrors, etc. Really made it shine.

Last thing I did was to make the bed-- oh, I love my bed; have I told you how much I love my bed? Holy cow. I'm not big into luxurious furnishings. In fact, I buy almost everything I have at thrift shops, garage sales, get it on freecycle, etc... I like to paint, upcycle, etc.  Except the mattresses and bedding, of course, which even to me would be just a bit creepy to get second hand (unless I knew the people... but not from a stranger).

We sprang for a huge king-sized mattress  a couple of years ago-- very dense memory foam, so it's good and firm. 16 inches deep, with a cooling pillow top on a platform. My bed is just huge and cozy and perfect, it is one of my favorite things in the world. So tonight I changed the sheets, pillowcases, put on a fresh comforter, it's fluffy and white with blue trim. Just looking at it makes me long to go to sleep, ha ha. 

So finishing my work load for the next few days and finishing the chores was just a great feeling... especially with the clean house. But it got better.

I took a long, hot bath with some herbs and oils and soft piano music set to the sounds of nature, and I could see the sky as the sun set through the bathroom window ~ well, the sun wasn't in view, it was on the other side of the building. But I could see the purplish clouds against the slightly pink and orange sky.   

I gave my hair an ACV rinse... it's so soft now.

I gave myself a pedicure while listening to some Pagan music. 

Then I hopped on the internet and browsed a bit, wrote a bit, played around.

Now I'm just sitting here with lavender incense burning and some candles flickering sipping a cup of sleepy time tea and am ready to put on some soft sleep music and crawl into my bed. 

I'm just so relaxed right now... hopefully that will continue for the weekend... I plan to do some writing, go out and stop by the thrift shop. Maybe I'll  I might hit the beach, watch the dolphins play while the sun sets, get some ice cream, come home and read a good book... 

My Tip for You Today: Relax.

Relaxing is good for the soul. It recharges your batteries. If you're a busy person like me who's attention is always on something-- work, kids, homework, chores, house, hubby, activities, etc... you have really got to just let yourself wind down and enjoy.

Like I said, I don't live in the lap of luxury-- I have a little 950 square foot condo, which I share with 2 teen boys (both of whom tower over me, and I'm 5'8") my hubby and ... well, if you've read my work you know Ben, my 40 lb lap dog. Most of my stuff is upcycled, or my own crafty conversions. I'm artsy like that. I just try to keep things clean and as pretty as I can make them (no matter how creative I have to get to do it). 

But take pleasure in the little things-- a soak in a freshly scrubbed tub and a fluffy white towel. Freshly laundered bed linens (even if it was just a $40 bed-in-a-bag from A cup of tea, a bite of Hershey's dark chocolate, a manicure with supplies you got from the dollar store. A nature walk, or a walk through the local park. Watch the dolphins, or the  birds, or the squirrels-- doesn't matter, they're all equally as entertaining.

Relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. 

And I am now going to go crawl into that big fluffy bed that's waiting for me... night. 

How do you relax?

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