Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tips for Living Wicca: Set It and Forget It

You're getting ready to cast a spell. You spend time preparing for it, finding the perfect astrological correspondences, components, etc.,. you even plan a good five channels to help your spell manifest. You ritually bathe yourself and start your ritual, and you cast your spell.

Even before you've opened the circle, you're already thinking, I hope this works. This better work. I need this to work. 

You spend the next few days thinking along those lines. every now and again, especially as you lay your head down on your pillow at night, your spell keeps popping into your mind. Will it work? I hope it works. 

Maybe you think you can trick yourself-- if you're going to think about it, you'll think about it positively, as if it's already manifested....  but in reality, all you're doing is limiting your own spell's effectiveness. 

It's really important to just not think about it after casting the spell-- not think about it, and more importantly, not TALK about it to other people (You know the Witches Pyramid, right?). Don't even talk about casting a spell until long after it's manifest.

Sometimes the most effective spells I cast were the ones I forgot about entirely. I cast them, forgot, then something I had needed/wanted came my way, and then I remember, "Oh yeah, I cast a spell for that!"

All thoughts are energy, and when you raise and send out energy for a spell, you want it to remain intact. You don't want other little bursts of energy coming in, mixing it up and stirring it around. 

My Tip for You Today: Learn to set it and forget it.

I know trying not to think about something is like trying not to think about George Washington's white horse. But that's where all that meditation, mindfulness and mental discipline come in handy... put it out of your mind and just go to your routine. 

Then when good things start coming, you won't be surprised. 

Can you remember to forget?

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