Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Beltane

Yesterday was Beltane, and it was awesome. 

It wasn't the usual Beltane-- since the onset of an auto-immune disease (sarcoidosis), I can't go tent camping anymore, or spend nights cavorting around a bonfire or days romping around the Maypole. But it's okay-- yesterday was a quiet Beltane with the family. Food, friends, prayers, some spontaneous singing and chanting. 

The giant cactus off my porch bloomed huge white flowers-- it does this sporadically from spring to fall. The blooms begin opening at sunset, and by midnight they are fully open and the size of your head. Lasting only one night, the flowers wither and die by sunrise. So it's a rare treat to catch them open.

You would think the cactus realized it was Beltane and burst into life, and it got me thinking that this is the meaning of this season-- that life is beautiful, but fleeting, and we need to enjoy it as we can. 

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