Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tips for Living Wicca: Look for Inspiration in a Different Religion

Sometimes we can gain inspiration from the way other people worship their Gods or put their faith into practice.  

For example, in talking with some Jewish friends, I was inspired by the way they always put their spiritual practices first-- unless someone is truly sick or there is a major emergency. They did not make plans for Friday nights or Saturdays till sundown because they gathered for Shabbos. They made sure to bake the bread, to prepare the home, the family was gathered for the candles and prayers.  

It got me thinking about Christians who made it to church every Sunday, or Muslims who prayed 5 times per day. It got me thinking about priorities, and what it says about my spirituality when I put it further down on the list than chores, work, friends, good sales, or just being lazy on the computer.

I decided that I wanted to re-prioritize and put my religion further up on my list of important things-- not because I had to out of fear of some divine punishment, but because I wanted to, because of what it meant to me, because I knew that making it more of a priority would foster growth and fulfillment. 

I'm not saying everyone should do this, but sometimes we can learn things from people of other faiths and apply them to our own. 

My Tip for You Today: Raid other religions. Read books about them, watch documentaries. Think about their practices or philosophies that inspire you. Think about ways you can apply that to your beliefs. 

For example, Hindus offer their food to their Gods in devotion before eating it. Perhaps this can remind you to stop before each meal and make a small offering or give a small prayer. Catholics use prayer beads to say the rosary-- maybe prayer beads can help you with repetitive affirmations or prayer meditations. 

Look around for traditions you can put to use in your own.

What religious practices from other religions inspire you?

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