Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tips for Living Wicca - Get Your Hands Dirty

I have a large screen porch that gets full southern exposure, and the perimeter is lined with wire shelving full of pots, or hanging baskets-- every available space is taken up by something green and growing. I grow a lot of edibles-- herbs and vegetables. Most of them will make their way into food, incense, home remedies, crafts or gifts-- with limited space, I only grow what I can really use.  

Every day I go out to tend to those little beauties. The sight of the greenery, the blossoms, the fruits on the vine-- that hits me first. The next thing to hit me is the fragrance-- the wonderful earthy aromas mingling together in the morning air. Seeing the new seed sprout or the new bud open is a religious experience. It makes me feel connected to the earth, a co-creator with the Gods. One of my favorite ways to ground is simply to go out there and inhale. 

My tip for the day: 

grow something. Grow anything. It doesn't matter if it's a field of organic fruits and veggies or a potted aloe vera on the window sill. This is the season of life, the season of growth. Connect to that by being part of it. Learning to connect with the Earth is all part of being Wiccan, and there's no better way to do this than through the growing, verdant Earth itself. 

If you claim you don't have a 'green thumb', then consider this a special challenge. Plants don't want to die, they want to thrive, and they only need a little help from you. Plant something and pay attention to it. Listen to it. Learn to speak its language-- your plant will tell you when it needs something. 

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