Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tips for Living Wicca: Connect with the Element of Fire

I think a lot of Wiccans miss the point of the Elements. No offense... but it seems to be a big trend for people now who want to be/have "an element" or even to want to "control elements." 

We all have Elements- 4 of them (five, if you count spirit). You may have an affinity for one-- but this doesn't mean a supernatural connection; it simply means you like it more. I have an affinity for Chinese food, that doesn't make it my element. 

The Elements of Fire rules this season-- but fire is not just the flames (that's an element, little 'e', and it is merely a physical form of the Element, big 'e'). The Spiritual Elements are more than just a mere physical manifestation-- Fire is not just fire; Fire is passion, it's courage, it's strength and love and making love; Fire is creativity, fire is brass instruments, fire is dancing and metal smithing and big cats and salamanders. Fire is your sense of sight, it's summertime, it's noon time, it's roasting food and burning candles. Fire is being hot-tempered, and offering warmth; fire is being driven, and it's burning out. 

I explain my understanding of the Elements on my Hubpage article here:Wicca for Beginners: Elemental Powers and Finding Your Element

My Tip for You Today:

Imagine if you lived in some kind of biodome or star ship where open flames were forbidden for health & safety reasons-- how else would you bring the Element of Fire into your life as a Wiccan?

Connect to the Element of Fire in its season. Think about how the things you see move you, cause you to react, excite you, stir your soul. Think about it when you go out under the sun and feel the warmth on your skin, or when you're arguing with someone about something you care deeply about. Listen to some saxophone music, or meditate to the sound of brass singing bowls. Look around your home-- what represents fire? The stove? The furnace? Electric wiring? Your sexy lingerie? What Fiery herbs are on your spice shelf-- cinnamon? Cloves? Prepare a meal with them-- perhaps a barbecue. Savor the flavors. When you're feeling particularly willful, or passion, longing-- this is fire at play. Notice these emotions-- what other emotions do you have that relate to fire.

Think about these things over the next few days, of all the way the Element of Fire relates to your life, besides physical fires. 

Do you find yourself paying more attention to the Element of Fire in the Summer Season?

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