Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tips for Living Wicca: Take a Stretch

The High Priest and Priestess of my coven required us to take classes before we discussed with them the possibility of joining. The class was free and ongoing, and would give those interested enough information on Wicca to make a truly informed decision— and it helped to weed out those who’s interest would wane.

There were almost 20 of us and my High Priest and Priestess really stumped everyone from the first class. They asked about what people did to nurture the mind. A lot of people were able to raise hands and talk about their studies. They asked what people did to nurture the spirit. Again, a lot of people were able to raise hands and talk about their meditations, rituals and such. And finally, they asked people what they did to nurture their bodies.

Most people didn’t raise their hands. In the crowd there were only a couple of people who were fitness conscious—a jogger, a weight lifter. Even they were a bit perplexed—what does this have to do with Wicca? Aside from my High Priest and Priestess, only two people ‘got it’—one vegetarian heavily into yoga, and another a karate teacher.

The fact is, mind-body-spirit is a kind of trinity. We need to focus on balancing the three. The smartest person in the world who has read all of the books and knows them inside-out is not balanced if you never get out of your reading chair. Likewise, you can meditate for hours on end, pray every day and hold rituals every night—you’re not balanced if in-between devotionals you fill your body with junk.

It’s not about being skinny, or attractive; it’s not about self-denial or deprivation. It’s about finding balance—finding a health balance for your body, and finding a balance between the mind/body/spirit connection.

Let me tell you, as someone who didn’t even have a kitchen, who survived on Doritos, Pepsi, chocolate bars and fast food, and who never bothered to exercise because I was so busy, I had a real ‘aha’ moment.

My Tip for You Today

Begin connecting to your body again if you’ve been neglecting it.

I’m not saying you need to rush out and join a gym or empty out the pantry and fill it with organic vegan foods; but you can start by taking a daily stretch. Stretch slowly, from head to toe, feel each muscle in turn. Put your awareness and energy into each muscle—what’s going on with them? Are they tense? Weak? How does stretching make them feel?

Don’t hurt yourself of course—remember, pain is your body’s way of saying ‘stop’. But do get into a routine of stretching daily, or a couple of times per day, and see the difference it makes in the way you feel.

When is the last time you took a good stretch?


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  2. Merry meet, dear Sage. I kinda love it yours "I had a real ‘aha’ moment"! I totally understand because it's so familiar. I would like to recommend a book that is totally amazing: The Celtic Wheel of Life, by Andy Baggott. This book really changes our perspectives about our own habits. I hardly recommend it to all wiccans and witches. It's a really magic book. Merry part, be blessed! :D