Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tips for Living Wicca: Hold a Dark Moon Esbat

A lot of Wiccans hold Esbats at the full moon— and this is perfectly fine. But “esbat” doesn’t just refer to full moon rituals. “Esbat” is any moon ritual. The dark moon has entirely different energies than the full moon, or the crescent waxing moon. It’s interesting and important to explore these energies as well.

Dark moon Esbats are usually revolve around:
·         worshiping God/desses in their dark aspect
·         meditations that deal with exploring the dark side or solving mysteries
·         divination
·         powerful spells that involve destructive magic (banishings, breaking bad habits, etc.)  

My Tip for You Today: 

Plan a dark moon Esbat. If you’re trying to connect with a dark Goddess as I discussed yesterday, then both efforts can be combined.

You might start by familiarizing yourself and attuning with the dark phase of the moon—hold a devotional to your God/dess in his/her dark aspect if she has one, or simply meditate and allow your energy to interplay with the lunar energies this evening.

Have you ever held a Dark Moon Esbat? Share your experiences!

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