Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tips for Living Wicca: Find Your Mantra

A mantra is a type of chant. In meditation, you'd use a mantra over and over again to bring yourself to a state of peace and harmony, to deepen your consciousness and direct your focus inward. A mantra is also a type of affirmation that you repeat to yourself over and over.

The human mind is a funny thing... it's easy to brainwash. It really is. This is why some people are so convinced life is hard, or people are bad, etc.-- because they keep telling themselves that and ignoring all evidence to the contrary. This is why a person with a bad attitude is genuinely shocked and perplexed by those who have a more rosy outlook-- when really the thought isn't a 'fact', it's a perspective-- and perspectives can be changed.

If you do research on how mind control techniques work, one element is to expose the person to a phrase, thought, image, etc. over and over and over again in attempts to get them to believe it. This kind of psychological warfare is usually used with bad intentions, but you can turn the principle around and begin using it on yourself deliberately to promote a better outlook and attitude.

My Tip for You Today:

Wicca is a religion that recognizes the power of nature, and part of that is the power of the human mind and what it has evolved to be. It is important to adopt a more positive attitude if you want to attract more positive energies into your life. 

Therefore, find your mantra-- find the one you need most. If you hate work, your mantra might be, "Work offers opportunities and I may seize them at any time." 

If you think life is depressing and always wonder why things happen to you, adopt a mantra like, "I am in control of my life; life is what I choose to make of it."

If you are struggling with a person in your life who is difficult, you might chant, "I cannot control others; I can control how I react to them."

Begin repeating your mantra daily, talking yourself out of your difficulties and into a better frame of mind to deal with them. Use your mantra when you meditate, when you get stressed, when you need to center yourself, etc. Do it daily for a week, or a month-- does it make a difference? Record the results in your Book of Shadows.

My mantra these days is, "In every moment of life, there is beauty to appreciate."This mainly comes from dealing with my auto-immune disease, and the difficulties it has piled on my family.What is your new mantra?

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