Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tips for Living Wicca: Go on a Mindful Walk

It's amazing how fast life can pass us by. 

It's amazing all the millions of things going on around us, within just a few yards of us, without us even realizing. 

There are a lucky few who still live a slow enough life that they are aware of and in tune with the natural world. But for most of us, not so lucky.

We are born into busy world that has taught us to focus on our man-made problems and take nature for granted. We are trained to think about career, social networking, what we're making for dinner, and we run by a million miracles a day going on over our heads or under our noses. 

When learning Wicca, we have to learn to re-focus our attention in order to re-connect with the REAL world, and not the artificial one we've created on top of it. 

My Tip for You Today: Take a walk for 30 minutes or so in a natural area. 

Shut off the cell phone (not even vibrate. leave it home if it's too tempting). Don't even use an Mp3 player. Do it 'old school'. 

Walk slowly and mindfully putting all your awareness into the moment and into the natural things going on around you. What does it smell like? How does the wind feel in your hair? Is the ground hard or soft? What kinds of sounds do you hear? Notice how dappled light filters through leaves, or the insects racing up and down the trees. 

Try to do this a few times per week, living fully aware of nature and attune to the Earth in a way you haven't for a long time.

What have you experienced on your mindful walk?

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