Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tips for Living Wicca: Purify your Space

Energy can cling. This is why when I learned Witchcraft I was taught to use rough cut stones and avoid smooth, polished tumbled stones. The rough surfaces are better for clinging to energy.

With this in mind, can you imagine how much energy can cling to dirt, dust, bumpy walls, popcorn ceilings, carpets, drapes and other surfaces? Here’s a good rule of thumb: if dust will stick to it, or static will stick to it, then energy sticks to it.

Negative energy building up in our homes is akin to the proverbial frog in a pot of cold water. See, if you put the frog in hot water it’d realize right away the change in temperature and hop out. But if you put it in cool water and slowly heat the water, the poor frog would sit there and be simmered to death because he wouldn’t even notice the temperature gradually rising. Sometimes you don’t even realize how badly negative energy can build up until you clear it away.

My Tip for You Today: 

Purify your space to get rid of negative energy. Wipe things down with a salt-water solution—wipe the walls with it if you like. Sprinkle salt on the rugs and vacuum. Take the curtains down or gather up the fabrics and wash them with a ¼ cup of salt in the rinse water. Vacuum the upholstery and spray it with a salt water solution.

Another great way to break up and rid yourself of negative energy in a room is to fume it with thick incense smoke of sage, sandalwood or some other cleansing incense (please be sure to open windows).
Once your place is purified you may find yourself breathing and sleeping a lot easier, and the overall mood lifted.

Tell me— have you ever allowed negative energy build up around you? What effect did it have?

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